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The Ave Podcast – 2018 NBA Free Agency Predictions x Draft Lottery x Nasir

The Ave Podcast with Cal Cee. Episode 50: 2018 NBA Free Agency Predictions x Draft Lottery x Nasir

Today on The Ave Podcast, we break down the most important players of the 2018 NBA Offseason. I invite Julian aka Jules Da Commish to help provide the predictions on where LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard*, and the remaining important figures of the NBA Free Agency will end up. Plus we discuss the NBA draft, and share some quick thoughts on Nas’ latest album, “Nasir”.

*Yes….I understand Kawhi isn’t a free agent until 2019, but the way he’s wielding his leverage around, it sure as hell feels that way. Don’t you agree?

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The Ave Podcast with Cal Cee // Episode 50

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