Presenting……. South Shore Ave Radio!

It’s been a long time coming. A LONG TIME.

Part of the reason why I started this blog was to get to this point. One of my goals was to be involved in multimedia & to create content. Starting this blog was part of my path towards this world. It was a way to express my thoughts on sports, music, and also reflect on pop culture moments referring back to my youth, and what my generation and I grew up on, especially being a young, black male growing up in a West Indian family (Trinidad & Tobago please stand up!) living in Montreal. Which leads to the question….

Why is the blog site called South Shore Ave?

SImple….. it’s a nod to my roots. It’s a nod to the place where I was born and raised. A place where I learned many values and disciplines, a place where I met some great, great people (people who I’m still tight with to this very day), an environment that not only helped to shape the foundation of who I am, but help to form my personality & how I think about things. Now…. I don’t want to say it was all peaches and cream because it wasn’t, but we’re all a product of where we’re from. Good & bad, I carry the lessons I’ve learned from my experiences to help me move forward. Since then, I’ve been grateful to meet even more great people who have impacted my life in many ways. Most importantly, I’ve met some great, positive people, that I’m blessed to still have around. More than anything else, I hope to keep those people in my life for as long as possible, as they’ve inspired me to keep shooting for the stars, and to never feel ashamed or bad about shooting for my dreams. Which is good…. because I have many. Lol.

With that said, tomorrow will be the launch of South Shore Ave Radio. This will be the audio component of the blog site that will be dedicated to Podcast shows, as well as some other projects to be announced down the line. The first show launched will be called “The Ave Podcast with Cal Cee”, which will be an extension of this blog. Its focus will be on sports, music, some pop culture, and everything else in between. Another podcast for the site is currently in the works. One in which I will co-host with one of my closest friends, as well as a past contributor to my blog, Headley (check out the 20th Anniversary of New York Undercover and #FlashbackFriday Videos article on the legendary Final Four game between UNLV and Duke in 1991). Stay tuned for that one as well.

One other thing: **** NEW DOMAIN ALERT! NEW DOMAIN ALERT! **** 

In case you haven’t notice, the domain name has officially been updated. From now on, for blog posts and podcast releases, you can officially go to… if you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to the site as well. Exactly what are you waiting for???

I would also like to take this time to shout out the people who have helped me thus far, starting with Dee otherwise known as “The Wife”. Without your love & support, it would have been much harder for me to continue on this path. I appreciate you ***DJ Khaled voice***. I have to send a big shout out as well to the rest of my family, in particular my brothers Curtis & Chris for their continued support. In no particular order, I’d like to also shout out: Headley, Brian, Julian, John B., Mambo, Shawn, Kevin, Steph, Luugi, Marco, “Juunz”, S10 Fam, Norris, Charles, Ryan J., Joel W., Ryan aka #FlipGod, Kirton, Sam, Roger, Aileen, Aisha, Tania, Mark O., and everyone else who’s continued to support the blog over the course of the last 3 years. It’s very much appreciated. Again….. attach DJ Khaled’s voice. #AnotherOne

This isn’t my lifetime achievement award speech or anything like that, but sometimes you have to stop and acknowledge the people that help to inspire you with ideas, advice, even with supportive words. I’ve learned in this short journey thus far to not underestimate the reach you have, and to never think small. You just never know who’s taking in your content or how far it will travel. I’ve been humbled many times over, and those moments inspire me to keep going.

I don’t look at this as a milestone, but the beginning. I look forward to launching The Ave Podcast tomorrow & see where this new path goes. I’m excited about this as well as all the future projects that’s on tap. Please stay tuned & don’t forget to subscribe.

Until then, see you tomorrow…..


Cal Cee // South Shore Ave

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