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Podcast & Chill, Part Trois…. All Episodes of Season 3 of #TheStoop: A Mini-Podcast Series

#TheStoop: A Mini-Podcast Series

Brooklyn stoop

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Thanks for tuning in to Season Three of the Mini-Podcast series #TheStoop. I would like to thank everyone who participated to the podcast series this season with their guest appearances, contributions, inspiration, and all that good stuff. I would love to thank my guests on #TheStoop this season, in order: Dennis Barham (Actor), Director Ryan Sidhoo, Kevin W. (South Shore Ave family member), Author/Therapist Jonathan Boxill, Shawn Adonis (SSA Family Member), Headley (SSA Family Member), Producer Andrew Mambo (ESPN 30 for 30 Podcast), and Soca artist Problem Child. Thanks to you guys for coming on this season and making it one of the best yet!

Here are all the episodes of #TheStoop from this past season (click on the Hyperlinked episode titles):

Episode 1 – The 20th Anniversary of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Dennis Barham (formerly host of Rapsolute Programme on iLive Radio, Actor) joins me on the Season 3 Premiere, as we discuss the Top 5 songs from the classic (and only) Lauryn Hill album. We also break down the impact the album had on the culture, how we view her career post-Miseducation, and more.

Episode 2 – The True North Episode

Director/Producer Ryan Sidhoo joins #TheStoop to discuss his latest Docu-series True North, and his motivations behind doing the project. We also dive into his passion for hoops, his thoughts on the Raptors offseason, if Vancouver is ready for another turn at owning an NBA Team, plus more.

Episode 3 – The Colin Kaepernick Edition

Author/Consulting Therapist Jonathan Boxill & Kevin W. (SSA Family Member) join me as we share our views on the latest Kaepernick/Nike deal, if this impacts the movement that Kaepernick started, Nike’s intentions in this entire scenario, and a whole lot more.

Episode 4 – The 20th Anniversary of Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life

Shawn Adonis (SSA Family Member) joins #TheStoop to rank our Top 5 songs off Jay-Z’s legendary album, “Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life”. We break down where this ranks in the Hova catalogue, the impact it had on Roc-A-Fella Records, plus more.

Episode 5 – Tommy & John’s Sacrifice…

Producer Andrew Mambo (ESPN 30 for 30 Podcast) & Headley (SSA Family Member) join this episode to highlight the 50th Anniversary of the Mexico City Summer Olympic protest that Tommy Smith & John Carlos courageously exhibited. We discuss the impact their stance had on the world, how the media covered it then as opposed to now, and so much more.

Episode 6 – “It Was All A (Club) Dream”…

I invite back Headley (SSA Family Member) & Andrew Mambo (EPSN 30 for 30 Podcast), as we take you back down memory lane and discuss “Club Dream”, one of the greatest entertainment night clubs in The DMV (D.C.-Maryland-Virginia), as well as the biggest club on the East Coast. We share some of our experiences, discuss the atmosphere & vibe from the legendary nightclub.

Episode 7 – The Problem Child Interview

Soca sensation Problem Child joins us on the Season 3 Finale, as we discuss the beginnings of his career, his insane work ethic, how he puts his songs together, and much more.

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Cal Cee // South Shore Ave

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#TheStoop: The Problem Child Interview

#TheStoop: The Problem Child Interview

Today on the Season 3 finale of #TheStoop: A Mini-Podcast Series, myself & guest-host DJ Chris Nice (Grooves & Rhythms Mixshow, Fridays from 2 – 4PM on MyLime Radio) are joined by Soca sensation Problem Child. We discuss the beginnings of Problem Child’s career, the process of how he puts his songs together, how his insane work effort fuels his success, & much more.

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#TheStoop: A Mini-Podcast Series // The Problem Child Interview

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Cal Cee // South Shore Ave

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