#TheStoop: 30 Years of Doin’ The Right Thing…

#TheStoop: 30 Years of Doin’ The Right Thing…

Today on the Season 3 premiere of #TheStoop: A Mini-Podcast Summer Series, in the spirit of Flashback Friday, we take you back to one of the greatest movies ever made. Thirty years ago last week, Spike Lee launched his 3rd cinematic movie “Do The Right Thing”, a movie that perfectly captured the racial tensions of one hot summer day in Brooklyn (Bed-Stuy to be exact). I invite DJ/Producer DJ Keo, ESPN’s 30 for 30 Podcast producer Andrew Mambo, and SSA Family Member Kevin W as we discuss how this movie affected our generation, how it relates to the culture the last 5 years, how this movie & Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” elevated each other, if Radio Raheem is actually underrated, plus a lot more.

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#TheStoop: A Mini(Podcast)-Series // 30 Years of Doin’ The Right Thing

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