#TheStoop – Code Of The Sneaks

#TheStoop: Code Of The Sneaks

Today on #TheStoop, I’m joined by the Creative Director of eSmartr & Founder of The First Time Father, Peter-John Kerr, as well as Toronto Sneaker Game OG & Pro Barber, Michael Husbands. We have a whole conversation about the Sneaker Culture, how we each create different sets of personal codes amongst Sneakerheads, and literally everything in between in this 3-Part series. Throughout these next three episodes, we discuss some of our different sneaker codes; what constitutes being a sneakerhead; share some of our Shitty Shoe War Stories, & when we graduated to our first name brand sneakers; how the Jordan Phenomenon is still raining over the culture 35+ years later; plus we discuss if there’s another athlete/non-athlete that can rival Jordan’s impact; the overdue impact of Black Woman on sneaker culture; how the Resale Market has affected the shoe industry, and a lot more.

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#TheStoop // Code Of The Sneaks

Kickin' Facts | How much responsibility do white influencers who eat off of  Black culture have when it comes to speaking out about justice? - REVOLT

Code Of The Sneaks Part 1

Codes of The Sneaks Part 2

Code of The Sneaks Part 3

Enjoy at your own leisure!

Cal Cee // South Shore Ave

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