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#TheStoop: “It Was All A (Club) Dream…”

#TheStoop: “It Was All A (Club) Dream”…

Today on #TheStoop: A Mini-Podcast Series, in the spirit of Flashback Friday, we take you back to the 2003-2004 era when Chocolate City* had one of the biggest clubs for the culture. I invite Andrew Mambo (ESPN’s 30 For 30 Podcast), and Headley (past contributor to South Shore Ave), as we take you back down memory lane and discuss “Club Dream”, one of the greatest entertainment night clubs in the DC-Maryland-Virginia (aka The “DMV”), as well as being the biggest club on the East Coast. We break down the atmosphere, the vibe, and share stories from our experience(s) of the legendary nightclub. If you missed out… that’s okay. We accept your apology.

* “Chocolate City” is the nickname for Washington, D.C., and if you’re only now learning this, I’m glad that I was able to help you understand what that term meant. And also…… really?

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#TheStoop: A Mini(Podcast)-Series // “It Was All A (Club) Dream…”


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